Lex of Tex

Some time back, I read an article about Tommy Lee Jones. Aside from having the good taste to live in San Antonio, it was reported that Jones was in the habit of dropping whatever book he was reading and looking up any unknown words right then and there. He was that kind of take-charge man. I may not be as resolutive as all that... I usually jot down the words in question on a scrap of paper. The scrap goes into orbit somewhere on my desk and gets dealt with sooner or later. I'm like Tommy Lee in "The Fugitive"... it may take some time, but I get what I'm after. Here's a token offering.

Word Definition

faculty or practice of speaking in tongues


that accompanies the process of awakening from sleep


overlapping in sequence, as roof tiles


shaking violently


The width of a groove made by a cutting tool.


real or imagined giant sea creature, often mentioned in Hebrew poetry


insignificant person or thng thrown in to make up for deficiency


actuated by violent or sudden impulse, rash


in so far as, in the capacity of


aphetic of “arrack” – any fermented spirit, such as coco-palm, rice or sugar