Lex of Tex

Some time back, I read an article about Tommy Lee Jones. Aside from having the good taste to live in San Antonio, it was reported that Jones was in the habit of dropping whatever book he was reading and looking up any unknown words right then and there. He was that kind of take-charge man. I may not be as resolutive as all that... I usually jot down the words in question on a scrap of paper. The scrap goes into orbit somewhere on my desk and gets dealt with sooner or later. I'm like Tommy Lee in "The Fugitive"... it may take some time, but I get what I'm after. Here's a token offering.

Word Definition

branch of central Communist committee, resp. for agitation and propaganda; such people or their activities


briskness, cheerful readiness, promptitude (Sp. presteza, Ca. alacritat


light raillery or humorous banter (Sp. chanza, Ca. xanxa)


a. offensively self-conceited or self-assertive

calenture (the)

delirium of sailors in tropics, in which the patient believes the sea to be a green field, and desires to leap into it


(Fr. duck) wild story with public circulation (Sp. bulo, Ca. badomeries)


having come down in the world, reduced or degraded from one’s social class


1. dreading nothing 2. thick sea coat, 3. fearless person


1. an image that revives memory with hallucinatory clearness 2. such a person


(Fr. shiver, thrill) an emotional thrill