Ten Catalan words that will bite you where it hurts every time

The list could be much longer than ten. Catalan has words that come from out of nowhere to blindside you. When at a loss, the Spanish word with Catalan phonetics is the most common escape route. Lame, but true.
Because of their dissimilarity with their Spanish equivalent, and lack of use (how many times do we get a chance to talk about something made of ebony these days?), these ten words that will bend the part of your mind that stores Catalan vocabulary. The Spanish term follows the English in parentheses.

amanyac – lullaby (arrullo) Extremely rare. Sounds like something you’d want to have in your glass after a nice dinner.
aranja – grapefruit (pomelo) A kind of wild cry. “Aranja!” Thankfully, ‘pomelo’ is acceptable too
artell – knuckle (nudillo) Had to look it up. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this word in normal use. Twenty years, no one’s talked to me about knuckles.
banus – ebony (ébano) Obviously the same root, but quite a different rendering, of its Spanish equivalent.
estruma – goiter (bocio) Strange in Spanish too. Hopefully you won’t have cause to say either one.
fogot – hot flash (sofoco) I once interpreted for a gynecologist who said he was having difficulty because he could only remember the Catalan term. Guess he fogot.
gerd – raspberry (frambuesa) Odd little word. I’d like to know its etymology
llast – ballast (lastre) One of those that’s actually closer to its English peer.
lletigada – litter of pigs (camada) This used to be a hot one when porcine veterinarian conferences were all the rage. Ah, the good old days.
melsa - spleen (bazo) Another one for tthe etymologists. All three are strikingly different. Makes the organ sound like a sweet, peaceful sort of place.