Patrick Hillman Bones
Interpreter & translator
CASTELLDEFELS (Barcelona), Mobile: +34 686-966-807
e-mail: website:
Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, University of Texas, 1992
Bachelor of Arts, Spanish Language, University of Texas, 1992
1992-Present: Translator / 1999 - Present: Interpreter, Free-lance
·Over 900 simultaneous and consecutive translationjobs (1,370 days) performed
·Over 2,500 documents and projects translated into English.
April 1996 – December 2001: Educational material author / consultant
for Opening, Home English, Sylvan Learning Systems, Wall Street Institute Didaco, and Oceáno publishers,for use in their systems in multimedia, on-line, and book formats.
1993-1995: Financial Analyst, Laboratorios Wyeth-Orfi, S.A.
¨      Administered the financial reporting protocol. Acted as Assistant to the CFO.
¨      Handled high volume of translation work (technical, factory, medical, pharmaceutical).
Grupo CEAC, Eurolog Idiomes, Dialog (Euroidiomas) Master Centre d'Estudis, Ecolatene, Faus i Planas Idiomas and on a freelance basis.
1995 - 2000: Production intern, Radio Castelldefels
1995 - Present: Freelance writer
Contributor to ESL magazines, screenwriting projects.
1993 - 2002: Sports journalist, EditMedia TV S.A., now CNR TV
ENGLISH                  - Native.
SPANISH                  - Excellent oral and comprehension levels, good written level.
CATALAN                 - “Nivell C”
Date of birth:            13 April 1970, Houston, Texas
Nationality:               United States of America
Driving license:     B1, own car 
Following are the subject areas in which I have had experience as an interpreter over the past 14 years. The digits in parentheses indicate the number of jobs in a single area.
Business – preparation for an IPO (10), works councils [EWC] (9), board meetings (6), business associations (6), energy (6), entrepreneurs (5), HR (5), franchises (4), implementation (4), mergers (4), tourism (4), distribution agmt (3), fishmeal & oil (3), international trade (3), ITC purchasing centers (3), occupational safety (3), shareholders' meetings (3), anti-bribery (2), digital television (2), oil (2), purchasing consortia (2), shopping centers (2), airlines, audit, credit unions, customs, events, project mgmt., European, ethics, facilities management, innovation, pharmacies, sales rep. training, lotteries, collective bargaining, purchasing portals, construction project, disaster recovery, shoe manufacturing, etc.
Computers / IT – software / hardware product presentations [cloud computing, AS400, chips, servers, virtual drivers, etc.] (27), digital media (7), printers (5), courses and networks for professionals (3), open source/Mozilla, etc.
Education – e-learning (5), collaboration among cities (4), masters in publishing (3), lifelong learning (3), masters in cinema (2), research (2), universities (2), software engineering, gifted children, occupational therapy, etc.
Investment & Tax – software/data proc. finance/tax mgmt. (5), investment & trading (3), banking (2), foreign trade (2), hotels (2), insurance (2), international taxes (2), tax havens (2), private investment consortia, etc.
Legal – novelties in Span./EU legislation / practice (9), deed signing (3), depositions (2), intellectual property (2), arbitration, intl. asset protection, environmental law, interview of European dean,  idem NY state dean, judges' assoc., lawyers’ assoc., legal education, linguistic affaris, medical product arbitration, notary association, prostitution, etc.
Livestock farming & veterinarian science – porcine (11), pets (5), bovine, equine, feeds, manure, nursing, poultry, tracing
Marketing – misc. consumer focus groups (48), corporate results and planning [ceramics, confection, leisure, auto parts, publishing, security, etc.] (12), ethnographic studies (9), branding, ITC advising, children's products, religious group foundation, tracking, etc.
Medicine & Pharmacy – oncology (35), diabetes (15), administration (12), hepatology (11),  cardiology (10), reconstructive/cosmetic surgery (9), fibrilation (7), nephrology (7), ophthalmology (6), rheum. arthritis (6), vaccines (6), HIV (5), hypertension (5), psychology (5), COPD (4), dermatology (4), glaucoma (4), orthopedic prostheses (4), osteoporosis (4), psoriasis (4), pain (4), psoriatic arthritis (4), ADHD (3), Alzheimer’s (3), depression (3), diagnostics (3), MS (3), nursing (3), Parkinson’s (3), pharmaceuticals (3), schizophrenia (3), urology (3), asthma (2), chiropractics (2), contraceptives (2), Crohn’s (2), drug delivery (3), antibiotics (2), epilepsy (2), erectile dys. (2), Fabry’s dis. (2), gynecology (2), emergency (2), hyperparathroidism (2), human papiloma virus (2), iron chelators (2), neonatology (2), obesity (2), substance dependency (2), acupuncture, allergies, bipolar dis., binge eating dis., cell therapy, clinical guidelines, constipation, dysphagia, duodenal ulcer, Dupuytren’s contracture, eczema, genetics, GIST, gout, growth hormone, hospital-.acquired infections, hygiene, hypoactive sexual disorder, ICU equipment, immune thrombocytopenic purpura, insomnia, intestinal dis., IVF, leukemia, MDS, meningitis, metabolic syndrome, mech. ventilation, myelofibrosis, narcolepsy, nephrology, patient advocacy, PAH, pneumology, pharm. legislation,  physical therapy,  rosacea, clinical trials, hippotherapy, NOTES, nuclear medicine, metabolism, neurology, semicircular lipoatrophy, smoking, shingles, spasticity, surgery, traumatology, ultrasound, etc.
Misc. – NLP/coaching/personal development (12), awards (6), creative/smart cities (4), association assemblies (3), fashion (3),  accomp. EU Ag. commissioner, traveling exhibition, theater performance, BCN Forum 2004 (2), book presentation, CEO town hall, Lions Club, Louis Marinoff interviews, Nobel prize winner presentation, university class reunion, press conf. for rock group, website useability, etc.
Public administration – EU policy (7), Euro-med. affairs (5),  foreign policy (4), collaboration among regions (3), mass transit (3), youth (3), education (2), European nations (2), globalization (2), historical heritage (2), ombudsman (2), public housing (2), town planning (2), international drug enforcement, EU Constitution, data protection, GMO’s, Israel, participation, penitentiaries, social aid, environment, public services, referendum, water rationalization, information society by Pres. W. Clinton, etc.
Sectorial congresses & events – food (4), jewelry (3), library sciences (3), logistics (3), news media (3), packaging (3), DTT (2), e-business (2), tourism (2), airports, construction, events, graphic arts, livestock, marketing, golf, clothing, tobacco, chemical, etc.
Social affairs – immigration (7), defense and security (6),the elderly (6), African culture (5), human rights (3), peace culture (3), minority cultures/languages (2), social responsibility (2), time (2), cultural policy, inequality, museums, refugees, racism and xenophobia, etc.
Sports – pro football (3), GP motorcycles (2), adapted sport, Athens 2004, discipline, Formula I, Olympic forum, Volvo World Race, youth programs, etc.
Technical & Science – textile (14), automobile (8), swimming pools (8), environment (5), ports & shipping (5), railroads (5), architecture (4), biotechnology (4),  engineering (3), chromatography (2), cutting machines (2), printing (2), waste mgmt. (2), automotive plastics, boilers, chemical (3), chemical accidents, batteries, cleaning, construction, electronics, fittings, mobile telephony, polymers, drying techniques, waste water treatment, science and business,  sociology, stolen vehicle recovery, etc.
Viticulture & Gastronomy – wine growing law (2), wine tastings, wine tourism, gastronomic heritage, international wine marketing, Mediterranean diet, cava in Catalonia, nuts, wine in the. 21st c., Tennessee whisky, etc.
Below is a generalized list of thematic areas in which I have worked in my 18-year career as a translator, with some specific examples. This list is by no means comprehensive.
Advertising – scripts and proposals for ads, campaign schemes, advertising firms, etc.
Architecture – extensive works on Spanish ecclesiastic architecture, Catalan modernisme, etc.
Arts – art exhibition guides, theater work catalogues, dance reviews, etc.
Automobile – repair handbooks, loyalty plans, after-service materials, etc.
Business – economic situation reports, sectorial “overviews” (food, chemistry, textile, etc.), human resources, quality procedures, correspondence, etc.
Cinema / Television – film scripts, promotional videos, TV pieces, film synopses, etc.
Computers – network structures, manuals, e-commerce plans, product launches, etc.
Cosmetics – information leaflets and catalogues for these products, colognes, etc.
Environment – environmental outlook, coastal studies, professional encounters, etc.
Hospitality & Tourism– restaurant menus, tasting notes, dissemination of HORECA services, hotel presentations, municipality brochures, ads, professional tourism encounters, etc.
Industry – machinery manuals (recreational machines, components for kitchen equipment), occupational safety, jewelry machinery, best practices, etc.
Law / judicial – service contracts, decisions, intellectual property, patents, powers, etc.
Leisure – internal and public documents for theme park, marinas, etc.
Marketing – focus group conclusions, transcriptions of same, etc.
Medicine & Pharmacy – encyclopedic articles, hospital descriptions, publications of findings, ophthalmology, clinical assays, instructions for pharmaceutical use, etc.
Press – articles, interviews, bimonthly in-flight magazine, etc.
Real estate – in-depth studies on the industry in Europe, appraisals, etc.
Sciences – clinical trials, quality testing, laboratory plans, remote sensing studies, etc.
Social work – dissemination work for charity foundations, geriatric studies, etc.
Sport – documentation for worldwide sport events, golf courses, etc.
Universities – curricula, course catalogues for colleges, university mission statements, etc.
Webs – private sites for companies, independent professionals, virtual campus, webpages for Spanish local governments, etc.
Wine – specifications for new wines, cellar descriptions, wine-making dissemination materials
A brief list of translations of 100 pages or more follows:
· English translation of “The Antiquarian” (fiction, 484 pages) due out in November 2012
· White paper on university education improvement (200 pages)
· Repair handbook for new car model (217 pages)
· Training manual for futsal coaches (134 pages)
· Hotel chain catalogue (100 pages)
· Report on state of fresh water in Catalonia (107 pages)
· E-commerce course (203 pages)