Six days’ work with Stephen Gilligan... would that they were all like this.

Dr Stephen Gilligan was back in Barcelona in November, and I had the honor of liaison interpreting for him over six days.
Working with Gilligan is a fantastic experience, not just because the content of his “Trance Camp” is uplifting and relatively accessible. He has a rich speaking voice and a delivery that is so economic it is almost laconic. That allows me to focus on not just what I say but how I say it.
As jobs go, this is the one I can invest the most of myself in as an interpreter. Before my first solo job with him two years ago, organizer Allan Santos instructed me to follow Gilligan’s body language and intonation as much as possible. I have, with astounding outcomes.
The result is part translation, part performance. Of course, I was self-conscious at first; it was pure improvisation, and moving your hands and arms around isn’t usually a part of the job description for us. But participants watching and listening have had a positive response to it. In no other scenario do I get such immediate and direct feedback. Great stuff that has me looking forward to the second half of Trance Camp, coming up next January.